Where To Go From Here - Practical Auto Layout: Beginning Auto Layout Techniques for iOS8 (2015) 

Practical Auto Layout: Beginning Auto Layout Techniques for iOS8 (2015)

Chapter 13. Where To Go From Here

You've now completed everything you need to know to work with auto layout in Interface Builder. You'll be able to use auto layout and size classes for most applications you may develop. Some of you may want to go further. You will find at the Book page on the makeAppPie.com website list of resources to take you into those new journeys. While it is difficult to update resources in an e-book, I'll keep the book page updated. For those of you wanting to explore, here's my suggestions for where to explore next:

View Controllers using Size Classes

This is in my opinion the most important topic to cover next. I'll admit I'm biased, since I wrote a book on the subject Swift Swift: View Controllers, which you find information on the downloads page. You could also read the Apple documentation on Modal View Controllers, Popovers, Alerts, Split View Controllers, and Multitasking to learn more. In rough summary, compact width presentations act like a phone and present modal views. Regular width presentations act like a tablet, and give you more options.

Coding Auto Layout

If you need to make controls programmatically, you need to use auto layout programmatically. I wrote an introduction to this topic which you can find on the makeapppie.com website. You will find other resources as well on the book's resources page mentioned above.

Coding Size Classes

Coding for size classes is a lot more involved than the automatic version we get in Interface Builder. A core class you will want to learn is Trait Collections, which describes size classes.

Practice What You Learned

The best thing you can do is practice. To save you from having to think out a layout, go to Behance, Deviant Art or Pinterest and try to layout out someone else's design for all devices. If you have trouble finding examples, I curate on Pinterest example UI for devices that I find interesting. You can find that athttps://www.pinterest.com/stevenlipton/cool-ui/

Video Examples

This book is based on a series of YouTube Videos I did in Fall of 2014. IF you want to see a live action version of what I did back then, you can go to the playlist to watch the videos I did for the first few chapters. They don't completely match the book, but they are close. More tutorials will be coming in the future.