Beginning Java 8 Games Development (2014)


CHAPTER 1. Setting Up a Java 8 Game Development Environment

CHAPTER 2. Setting Up Your Java 8 IDE: An Introduction to NetBeans 8.0

CHAPTER 3. A Java 8 Primer: An Introduction to Java 8 Concepts and Principles

CHAPTER 4. An Introduction to JavaFX 8: Exploring the Capabilities of the Java 8 Multimedia Engine

CHAPTER 5. An Introduction to Game Design: Concepts, Multimedia, and Using Scene Builder

CHAPTER 6. The Foundation of Game Design: The JavaFX Scene Graph and the InvinciBagel Game Infrastructure

CHAPTER 7. The Foundation of Game Play Loop: The JavaFX Pulse System and the Game Processing Architecture

CHAPTER 8. Creating Your Actor Engine: Design the Characters for Your Game and Define Their Capabilities

CHAPTER 9. Controlling Your Action Figure: Implementing Java Event Handlers and Using Lambda Expressions

CHAPTER 10. Directing the Cast of Actors: Creating a Casting Director Engine and Creating the Bagel Actor Class

CHAPTER 11. Moving Your Action Figure in 2D: Controlling the X and Y Display Screen Coordinates

CHAPTER 12. Setting Boundaries for Your Action Figure in 2D: Using the Node Class LocalToParent Attribute

CHAPTER 13. Animating Your Action Figure States: Setting the Image States Based on KeyEvent Processing

CHAPTER 14. Setting Up the Game Environment: Creating Fixed Sprite Classes Using the Actor Superclass

CHAPTER 15. Implementing Game Audio Assets: Using the JavaFX AudioClip Class Audio Sequencing Engine

CHAPTER 16. Collision Detection: Creating SVG Polygons for the Game Actors and Writing Code to Detect Collision

CHAPTER 17. Enhancing Game Play: Creating a Scoring Engine, Adding Treasure and an Enemy Auto-Attack Engine