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In this article we will learn that how to recover our permanently deleted files from our computer. Sometimes your important data is accidently deleted from your computer as well as from recycle bin also, and it’s very important to recover that file or data.

So here I am using a tool name as “stellar phonix windows data recovery” to recover the permanently deleted files.

By using this tool you can recover your accidently deleted data from your computer.

For it you have to follow simple steps as mentioned below:

· Click on the option “deleted file recovery” or “folder recovery” according to your choice.
· Then choose the local drive from where you want to scan for the deleted files/folder.
· Then it asks you for a quick scan or deep scan, you can choose as according to your need.

· After that it scans for all the deleted files/folder from your particular selected local drive.
· And show you the list of the entire folder from which files are deleted.

· Then you have to select your deleted file/folder which you want to recover, as I have selected here “hacking tools” from the folder “vi”.
· And then click on the recover option to recover your data successfully.

Note: - The recovered data will work only when the address of that location is empty/not overwritten from where that file/folder is deleted accidently.