The Apple TV Crash Course (2015)

Part Four: Cutting the Cable Cord


Most of this book is about the Apple TV, but I want to leave you with one final section on cutting out cable—because, let’s face it, if you have bought an Apple TV that’s probably something you are very strongly considering.

Perhaps you are thinking, “Cable is expensive, but it is convenient.” But is it really? Times have changed. Today, alternative methods are often more convenient.

Perhaps you are thinking, “Cable is simple. I don’t want to learn another new technology.” Most so-called “new technology” is easier to use than cable. A cable remote has over 3 dozen buttons—I bet you don’t even know what all of them do. An Apple TV remote? It has two buttons! What sounds easier to you? Learning dozens of buttons or learning two?

Unlike the rest of this book, this is not exclusively Apple. The section is on all digital media devices. So if you haven’t decided on Apple TV yet and are just reading this book to decide if it’s for you, then I’ll mention the pros and cons of other devices as well.

I’ll be honest and say I’m an Apple guy; my house is all Apple products. The reason is Apple works with Apple. What I mean by that, is all their products work great together. You can have an iPhone and a Windows PC, but if you really want the best bang for your buck, then having a Mac and an iPhone is a better option.

But I realize not everyone is me, so I’ve tried all of the others and broke down who each one is good for.

This guide will show you all the alternatives as well as how to know what the best fit is for your lifestyle.