Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)


Word allows you to modify the appearance a paragraph by altering its indentation, alignment, and line spacing. The different types of indentation are First Line Indent, Hanging Indent, Left Indent   and Right Indent. In order to manipulate the indentation of lines, you can drag the markers on the horizontal ruler to show the beginning and end of each line of text.

You display the horizontal and vertical rulers by selecting the Ruler check box in the Show group on the View tab.

To manually change a paragraph’s indentation:

Choose the Ruler check box from the View tab in the Show group.

Modify the Zoom level to show the paragraph in the document,

Select the Paragraph that you want to modify.

Select the Center button to center the lines between the margins

Drag the Left Indent marker to the 1.0-inch mark.