Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)


Word assists you in formatting your lists. All Lists begins with a character and are formatted with a hanging indent. You can add bullets or numbering in order to distinguish between ideas and points.

To create a new list:

Create with Bulleted list Enter* at the start of the paragraph or Numbered list Enter 1 at the start of a paragraph.

Tap on Enter (the formatting will continue to the new paragraph.

If you want to conclude the list:

Tap on Enter twice.

Click None from the Home tab in the library.

It should be noted that Word will continue with the format used that is, the bullet or numbered list.

You can also create a list with numerous levels. To do this:

Create your List as indicated above.

Press the Tab key at the start of that paragraph when you are ready for the next list to be at a lower level.

Press the Tab key at the start of that paragraph.

It should be noted that Word alters the bullet character for the different item levels.  For numbered listings, Word modifies the type of numbering used.