Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)


When you are ready to print your document you will display the Print page of the backstage view and then you:

Click on the Print button in order to print one copy on the present printer with the settings being displayed.

If you add the Quick Print option to the Quick Access Toolbar you will be able to print your document with the default settings.

From the Settings area of the Print Page, you can state what part of the document is printed and whether tracked changes are specified in the printed document.

Also, the option is available for printing information such as the tracked changes, styles, auto text entries, document properties and custom short keys instead of the document content.

If you wish, you can print a multiple page document on both or one side of the paper. If you have a printer that supports double sided printing, then you have the choice of flicking the double sided page on the short edge or long edge depending on how you plan to turn and fix the document pages.

The settings on your printer may vary and as a result some of them are dependent on the functionality supported by your printer. If you want to you can print uncollated pages, all copies of each page together or collated pages, and all pages of each copy together and also multiple copies of the document.

Finally, if you want you can specify the number of pages you want to print per sheet up to 16 sheets. This option can be used to print a booklet with two pages per sheet that can be folded down the middle.

You can also use this option to save paper when you are printing a long document however, as the number of pages’ increases, the size of the printed contents on the page declines.

You can choose the paper source you wish to use on the Paper page located in the Page Setup dialog box if your printer has a manual paper feeder or numerous paper trays.

You can send your documents as a XPS file or a PDF file if you want to ensure that the content is shown to the receiver exactly as you planned or you can simply send a Word file.

You can also send your document via the internet to fax machine if you have online fax service. The best thing about all of these options is that you can complete them directly from Word without using another device, opening another program or even moving from where you are.

You then click on Send as; an attachment opens a message window with the present document already attached as a ‘docx’ file. Next you enter the email address of the person or persons who are going to receive the message and the attachment.

If necessary, you can change the subject line which comprises of the name of the file you are sending.

Likewise, you can select Send as XPS or Send as PDF to attach a version of the document saved in the matching file format.

Also, other than sending your document as an email attachment from Word, you can send it as a fax if you have internet fax service provider. Even though the terms may differ from one provider to the other, these services allow you to receive and send faxes from your laptop or computer without a fax machine and/or a designated fax line.

You then can send your document as a fax by clicking on Send as Internet Fax located on the Share Page after which you follow the specified procedure stated by your service provider.

However, if you do not have an internet fax service, whenever you click on Send Ass Internet Fax, a message box will appear whereby if you click on OK, it opens up a webpage where you can choose a fax service provider.

Emailing a Document as an Email Attachment or as a PDF Version.

Show the Print page of the Backstage view.

Go to the Printer section and click on your active printer to show the list of all installed printers.

From the Printer list, click on the printer that you want to send the document. The print page option available might change.

To select the printer name, you can either point to the Information icon on the upper right corner of the Printer section or show a ScreenTip (a pop up that has printer status information).

Click on Print All Pages, located in the Settings section, and then run through the list to see the available options for printing particular sections of the document or document contents.

From the list, click on Custom Print and then enter the numeral 2 in the Pages box.

Enter the numeral 2 in the Copies box at the top of the page. Then you click on the Print button to print two copies of the second page of the document on the chosen printer and go back to the document.

To send the document as an email attachment you must first open the Share page of the Backstage view. Click on Email and then in the Email section, click on Send as Attachment for a message window to come up.

Enter your email address into the box. Then click on the Send button located in the message header to send the message to you.

To send the document as PDF, you must first open the Share page of the backstage view. Click on Email and then in the Email section, click on Send as PDF for a message window to open up.

Enter your email address into the box. Then click on the Send button located in the message header to send the message to you.