Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)


You apply different effect to your text with a simple click. These effects include fills, reflections shadows, glow effects and, levelled edges. To add WordArt text:

Select the Insert WordArt button on the Insert tab that can be found in the Text group.

Select the thumbnail to insert a WordArt object.

Position your Cursor on the border of the WordArt object to choose it.

Adjust the Zoom level to show the whole page in the program window.

Click the Position button to show all the text wrapping options in the

Format tool tab.

If you want to determine the position of the WordArt object:

Point to the different Thumbnail in order to preview where that selection will place the WordArt object.

Select the Thumbnail to move the WordArt object to the preferred location on the page.

Select the Wrap Text button to show the Wrap Text menu that can be found in the Arrange group.

Text wrapping independent of WordArt object:

Point to the different options so that the different effects can be displayed.

Click Tight.

Select the Wrap Text button.

Select More Layout Options which will show the Layout dialog box.

Adjust the Settings.

Click OK.