Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)


To create a connection to a current workbook or another workbook, you can either define a name for the destination cells or use a cell reference. To use a name, you must name the destination cells in the destination workbook.

Adding names to cells or series of cells

Choose the cell or the set of cells that you want to name.

Go to the Name box, which is located to the left of formula bar and insert the name then press ENTER

It is important to note that the names must not have any spaces and must start with a letter.

In the sourcebook, using a new worksheet, select the cell where the hyperlink will go, then following either of the following steps:

It should be noted that Excel also provides the option to use objects, such as pictures or an element to represent a hyperlink.

Go to the Insert tab, and under the Links group, select Hyperlink.

Choose the cell or image, and then click Hyperlink, or you can press Ctrl+K.

Go to Link to, and select one of the following options:

Choose the option, Place in This Document if you want to connect to a destination in your existing workbook

Select Existing File or Web Page, if you want to connect to a destination in another workbook. You must identify and choose the workbook that you want to connect, and then select Bookmark. Afterwards select one of the following options:

Go to the Or select a place in this document box, and under Cell Reference, select the worksheet that will be linked to and then go to Type in the cell reference box, and then select OK.

You may go to the Defined Names, and choose from the list, the name that will represent the file to be linked to the select OK

Go to the Text to display box, and type the text that will be used to represent the hyperlink.

By selecting ScreenTip, you will be able to view helpful tips and information, when the pointer is placed on the hyperlink. 

Select OK