Arrays: PHP 7 Complete Guide: Simple, Multi-dimensional, Associative, and Object Arrays (2016)


Arrays - PHP 7 Complete Guide is intended for use as a supplemental beginning level programming book. It is not the goal of this book to cover advanced techniques in the current versions of the PHP programming language. Some beginning knowledge of general PHP programming concepts is expected but no actual programming experience or education is assumed.

All code examples in this book are compatible with PHP 7. The newest methods (functions) available in PHP have been used to provide the reader with the most current coding techniques. The examples use core methods provided in the PHP language. PHP includes many additional methods to accomplish similar tasks as shown within. The reader may, and should, research additional advanced array techniques after understanding the material presented in this book.

Special Note – Teachers

This book is provided as a supplementary guide to introductory textbooks on PHP 7. The intent of this book is to provide additional examples and explanation of the power and use of arrays in the PHP language. PHP arrays provide many capabilities that arrays in other languages do not provide.

Teaching tools, including test banks, course outline, and PowerPoint slides are available for use from the textbook web site.