PHP Programming: Learn PHP Programming - CRUSH IT IN ONE DAY. Learn It Fast. Learn It Once. Get Coding Today, First Edition (2015)

Chapter 1. Introduction

Scripting languages are programming languages which support scripts or programs which are only written for runtime operations. Scripting languages don’t get compiled but get interpreted. Scripting languages are used in embedded systems, software applications and web pages in a browser. These can be viewed as domain specific languages when scripting a software application. Extension language is another name for scripting languages or as control languages depending on the complexity.

PHP is the scripting language mainly used for web development. It is an open source general-purpose scripting language. Ramsus Lerdorf created PHP in 1994. Personal Home Page was the original abbreviation for PHP. Now it is hypertext preprocessor. PHP can be used along with HTML and various template engines and web frameworks.

For a newcomer learning PHP is very easy and for professional scripting programmer, it offers several advanced features. You can do a lot more with PHP apart from server side scripting.

This book is a guide for learning PHP in a day; hence it is a basic and simplified version of the program. Hope you find this learning experience interesting.

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