PHP Programming: Learn PHP Programming - CRUSH IT IN ONE DAY. Learn It Fast. Learn It Once. Get Coding Today, First Edition (2015)

Chapter 2. Reasons to Choose PHP

Advantages of choosing PHP web development

·        Free of cost: The best thing about PHP is that it is not a paid software but an open source.

·        Capability: With PHP, one can develop a website of any type. It is efficient in handling websites which have a lot of traffic. Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook and many other websites use PHP as their framework.

·        Easy: The syntax is easily understandable and readable. The HTML code contains the PHP code in it and PHP uses the concepts of C/C++. So most of the programmers are comfortable with it.

·        Platform independent: PHP runs on all major operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OS etc.

·        All major Web servers are supported: PHP supports all major Web servers. Web servers like Apache, Netscape, personal web server, Microsoft IIS etc.

·        Supports all major databases:  All the major databases like IBM, MySQL, dBase, ODBC, SQLite etc. are supported.

·        Faster development: PHP has its own memory space, which decreases the workload and the time taken by the server for loading. It has fast processing speeds.

·        Secure: PHP has multilayer security which protects it from malicious attacks and threats.

·        Large communities: PHP has got a very large community of developers. These developers update the tutorials, documentation, provide online help and FAQs

·        Proven and trusted: Since the past two decades, PHP earned the trust of many websites and a very large number of developers. It has proved that it is capable of handling high traffic.