Software Engineering: A Methodical Approach (2014)


PART A. Fundamentals

Chapter 1. Introduction to Software Engineering

Chapter 2. The Role of the Software Engineer

PART B. Software Investigation and Analysis

Chapter 3. Project Selection and the Initial System Requirements

Chapter 4. The Requirements Specification

Chapter 5. Information Gathering

Chapter 6. Communicating Via Diagrams

Chapter 7. Decision Models for System Logic

Chapter 8. Project Management Aids

PART C. Software Design

Chapter 9. Overview of Software Design

Chapter 10. Database Design

Chapter 11. User Interface Design

Chapter 12. Operations Design

Chapter 13. Other Design Considerations

PART D. Software Development

Chapter 14. Software Development Issues

Chapter 15. Human Resource Management

Chapter 16. Software Economics

PART E. Software Implementation and Management

Chapter 17. Software Implementation Issues

Chapter 18. Software Management

Chapter 19. Organizing for Effective Management

PART F. Final Preparations

Chapter 20. Sample Exercises and Examination Questions

PART G. Appendices

Appendix 1. Introduction to Object Oriented Methodologies

Appendix 2. Basic Concepts of Object-Oriented Methodologies

Appendix 3. Object-Oriented Information Engineering

Appendix 4. Basic Guidelines for Object-Oriented Methodologies

Appendix 5. Categorizing Objects

Appendix 6. Specifying Object Behavior

Appendix 7. Tools for Object-Oriented Methodologies

Appendix 8. Project Proposal for a Generic Inventory Management System

Appendix 9. Requirements Specification for a Generic Inventory Management System

Appendix 10. Design Specification for a Generic Inventory Management System